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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tips On Building Solar Panels

The cost of electricity has been increasing drastically and you can simply compare your last electrical bill with that of 5 years ago. Instead of searching for a new kind of energy, let's think about reducing our electrical bills. A lot of times this possibility isn't taken into consideration, but wouldn't you be happy if you can save over 80% of your actual bill for all the next electrical bills? Click here to read more - How To Build a Solar Panel and How To Build a Magnet Motor

All you need to do is to learn how to build solar panel to produce your own electrical energy through solar panels. These solar panels take and keep the energy from the sun and turn it into usable electrical energy that we can use every day in our ordinary lives. Generally, the majority of people that knew about solar panels think that they won't benefit from its use because they just work in sunny areas. That isn’t the case. In fact, the new generation of solar panels can produce a lot of electrical energy even on rainy weathers.

Learning how to build solar panel is very easy: first they need to be installed (most of the time, on the roof of homes) and then they take the energy from the rays of sunshine and convert it from solar energy to electrical energy.

Solar panels must be kept from shading, as shaded cells draw energy for themselves from other cells.

Things you need to know:

1. Solar panels using monocrystalline cells have high conversion efficiency, and take up less space, but lack shade protection.

2. Solar panels using polycrystalline cells have even higher conversion efficiency, take up even less space, but still lack shade protection.

3. Solar panels using amorphous silicon cells have lower conversion efficiency, and take up more space, but do have shade protection. This can be especially important on a sailboat.

Once you have determined the size and number of solar panels needed, you will be better able to determine where they will be placed. The best places depend on the roof's length and size of the panels. Take your time and think it through.

The simple answer to how to build solar panel is none other than using the earth for energy.

And remember, when building your solar panels, select locations that will get maximum sunlight without shaded spots. In placing solar panels, consider the use of extra bars/braces to secure the panels. You obviously want them to remain stable.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

How To Build a Solar Pool Heater

A solar pool heater enables you and your family to take pleasure in your swimming pool or outdoor spa for a better part of the year. Into spring and autumn. And into cooler mornings and evenings. When other individuals are shivering!

You will find 4 strategies to heat your pool:
  1. Electric heater
  2. Gas, ordinarily a propane heater
  3. Employing a pool cover
  4. Solar pool heater
The solar resolution is greatest. It's affordable to run and you don't contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. A guilt-free time in your comfortably warm pool or outdoor spa! Why not.

A commercial pool heater can cost you up to $2000. But you can construct your own personal at a smaller fraction of that price.

Just look around on the net for guides that offer you clear directions of ways on how to build a solar water heater. There are many.

How do solar pool heaters work?

They run on a passive solar principle.

Basically, pool water runs by means of long lengths of flexible tubing. These are suspended in front of reflectors to receive and transmit the sun's warmth towards the water within the tubing. The tubing need to be protected, say with with polythene sheeting, from any wind chill.

The reflectors could be produced out of halved storm water piping, sprayed with chrome paint to increase their reflective powers. To circulate this warmed water through your pool or spa you'll need a small pond pump or solar electric pump. The latter is far more costly, but certainly you can help the atmosphere and your wallet by spending somewhat more to begin with.

Minimal pump specifications should be that it delivers ten litres per minute (120 gals/hour) and is capable of raising water to 1.6m (52).

All components, containing tubing, reflectors and cover, are assembled into a solar panel. Its ideal size is determined by optimum dimensions for ease of handling, structural integrity and heating efficiency. Obviously more than one panel is usually used. A spa wouldn't need to have a large panel. But then again... some like it hot!

Generally, a panel measuring 3.4m (11 4) by 1.4m (4 8) is successful on pools as much as 30,000 litres (6000 gal).

Panels should really be placed in such a strategy to maximize receipt of the sun's rays. It's finest to have them face the sun's mid day position. Place them vertically on a fence or horizontally on your roof.

To create the most beneficial of the solar pool heater, it makes sense to make use of it having a solar blanket. But this can be not ordinarily necessary to benefit from your now upgraded asset - your pool or spa.

You may be interested to find out more on DIY solar water heater and hot water heaters.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Solar Power In Everyday Life

Numerous individuals have gone on and on concerning the advantages of solar power. Even though theoretical arguments are generally exciting, what about everyday applications?

Uses for Solar In Daily Life

Solar power is an essential advancement within the effort to save the environment. Perhaps one of the most readily usable and most handy of the renewable energy sources (which also contain wind and water), solar energy has been used since the beginning of time as a heating source. Inside the 1830's one of the other solar energy platforms was developed, as a solar energy cooker was used on a safari. Since then, quite a few other solar energy applications happen to be formulated, and pretty much every person can benefit from one of these.

One of the most common of the solar energy application would be to use it as a power source. Since the 1970's, quite a few men and women happen to be putting solar collectors on their roofs and utilizing the resulting collected power to run their households. While having sufficient solar collectors to obtain power that will run a complete home may possibly not be common, it truly is becoming more. Most of these types of solar powered homes run their appliances and other demands directly off the solar collectors' power throughout the day, and use power that was stored from the solar cells in batteries at night. In this way, the homeowner can avoid ever getting to use power that was generated by a non-renewable resource.

One more from the popular solar energy applications would be to use solar power to heat your hot water - Solar water heater. These systems can either use passive solar energy (inside the case of heating a tank of water by leaving it out in the sun) or by employing solar collectors with a heat transfer fluid. These systems call for the homeowner to install solar panels, behind which run tubes filled with fluid. These tubes collect the heat from the sun and transfer it into the fluid these tubes, filled using the heated fluid, then run about a water storage technique, and also the heat from the fluid is transferred into the water. Another way is usually to have water operating through the tubing and have it obtain the sun's heat directly - this heated water is then pumped into swimming pools, in order that pool owners do not have to run a pool heater to keep their water warm.

Inside the last 10 to 15 years, solar producers have started to create new, creative applications for solar power. One improvement would be the portable solar panel, a well-liked product employed on RVs by vacationers. On a smaller scale, there are actually solar panel packs that fold out like a small ledger and are used to power up something from laptops to cell phones. As time passes, new merchandise along this line are expected to continue to come available on the market.

It does not matter which from the solar energy applications you choose to implement in your own dwelling or life even a tiny alter to solar power more than conventional power sources will help the atmosphere. The additional we can use solar power, the less dependent we become on non-renewable resources, and also the more we can save the Earth.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

How To Build Marine Solar Panels

Knowing the way on how to build marine solar panels will likely be essential for the sailor who desires their advantages, but first he or she need to learn which solar panels are best. Three forms of solar cells are frequently utilized in solar panels, every with its own benefits. The sailor need to understand these benefits of solar panels and choose the most suitable ones which can be best for their need.

Solar panels is often a terrific help to sailors, keeping crucial lights and appliances functioning, regardless of whether batteries run low or a generator malfunctions. They're also a significantly quieter way of recharging batteries!

Varieties of Solar Panels

Solar panels should be kept from shading, as shaded cells draw energy for themselves from other cells.Solar panels making use of monocrystalline cells have high conversion efficiency, and take up less space, but lack shade protection.
  1. Solar panels using polycrystalline cells have even greater conversion efficiency, take up even less space, but nonetheless lack shade protection.
  2. Solar panels making use of amorphous silicon cells have lower conversion efficiency, and take up much more space, but do have shade protection. This is usually particularly vital on a sailboat.
  3. Marine solar panels are accessible in both hard and flexible forms. Hard solar panels is usually attached to the deck, whilst flexible solar panels might be attached to deck or canvas.
Size and Number of Solar Panels

Learning tips on how to build solar panel will involve calculations to figure out what size and how lots of solar panels you are going to want. This info is readily obtainable on the internet by looking the question: "What size solar panel do I need" on your favored search engine. The rule of thumb is usually to permit for 20% extra solar panel power than you estimate you will need to have.

Placement of Solar Panels

As soon as you've determined the size and quantity of solar panels required, you can be superior in a position to identify where they will be placed. The ideal places depend on the boat's configuration and size with the panels. Take your time and believe it through. Read the instructions that came with your solar panels. You are going to wish to avoid all violations of warranty terms.

The simple answer to the best way to build marine solar panels is: inside the sun. Pick locations that can get maximum sunlight without having shaded spots.

In placing marine solar panels, consider the use of extra bars/braces to secure the panels. You certainly want them to remain stable.

The way to Install Marine Solar Panels

Your marine solar panels must have clear instructions for installation. In addition to those, think about the following.

Most marine solar panel systems have three major components:
  1. Solar panels to collect sunlight and generate a charge for you.
  2. Charge controller to regulate the charge entering your battery and steer clear of overcharging it.
  3. Batteries to retailer the energy your solar panels produced.
Once marine solar panels have charged your batteries, you may use that energy to run most 12 volt DC appliances. These might consist of your safety lights, normal lighting, pumps, and fans, at the same time as little appliances. Should you add an inverter, you'll be able to also run 120 volt AC appliances for example a microwave, radio, satellite dish, or radio. An inverter is actually a separate unit, not mentioned above, that transforms the present coming out with the battery into that needed by most appliances.

First off, check to see that the technique has a voltmeter. If it doesn't, acquire and install one. This can enable you to check the charge that you are obtaining.

Affix your solar panels securely in place, and connect them per the instructions included inside your kit. Use only tinned marine grade wire running from the panels to the batteries. If you're unsure in the wire you might be contemplating, ask concerns. Standard automotive wire could look similar, but in marine conditions, it will lose its ability to conduct electrical power.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

How To Recondition Battery

For All Who Are Interested To Learn How To Recondition Battery...

"How to recondition battery?" If you are thinking of bringing your dead batteries back to life, you'll need to learn some basics on battery reconditioning and understand the various types of batteries. That way, the entire procedure will be easier to handle.

Accept it or not, batteries are the most "taken for granted" items for most of us. We can just junk them and get new ones when they stop working, can't we? If batteries are used correctly, it is not just money that can be saved but the environment too.

Types of Batteries Involved:

Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) - About 50% of the weight of this battery is from the cadmium present, which is said to extremely toxic and a possible human carcinogen. This makes recycling of the Ni-Cd batteries a must - Nickel Cadmium Rechargeable Battery

Nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) - They are considered to be the best in terms of waste prevention as well as cost. They last longer and come in standard sizes to be used a variety of devices.  It is possible to recycle them too - Nickel Metal Hydride Rechargeable Battery

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) - These batteries contain cobalt, nickel, chromium, manganese or aluminum. Although, they are expensive, they are good as the rechargeables can be recycled, but the single-use lithium batteries used in some watches and cameras cannot be recycled - Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries

How To Improve Batteries For Cars and Other Automobiles

You can protect your car batteries from high under the hood temperatures with the use of cases or heat shields. Car battery life can be extended by keeping the battery charged at all times. Electrolyte levels will have to be checked frequently during the hot months. A recent study revealed that relocating the battery outside the engine compartment has increased its life by almost eight months.

At present,  many car manufacturers are relocating the starting battery to the passenger compartment or the trunk to avoid under the hood temperatures. It also helps to use wet batteries vented to the outside or cells that do not produce gas when recharged. Based on the driving of each individual, some batteries are undercharged and this leads to sulfation, where lead sulfate gets accumulated, reducing the battery capacity. An external battery can be used for charging.

How To Improve Batteries For Portable Electronic Devices

In regards to portable electronic devices such as for iPods, cell phones and laptops, attempt to lower their brightness when they are not in use. Also, the amount of time the backlight stays on can also be decreased. For iPods, it doesn't have to stay on for 10 seconds, 2 seconds should be good enough. Laptops can be set in hibernate mode when not in use.

One point that not many people are aware of is that turning down the volume increases battery life. Use headphones that are louder and leave the volume at 50%.

Background applications can use up a huge amount of your power. Therefore, stop everything that is not being used. Defragmenting the hard drive once in a while helps decrease file scatter on the hard drive and uses up less power. Send the computer into standby mode after a certain period of inactivity as it conserves battery. Although, standby resume also uses some power but not as much as starting up. Interestingly, leaving a CD or DVD in the drive can decrease battery life, as it hogs power whenever the drive spins up.

How To Improve Batteries For Wi-Fi Applications

The battery life in Wi-Fi apps can be prolonged by increasing battery capacity and reducing Wi-Fi product power consumption and through control methods. It is not easy to increase battery capacity; however, due to technological limits, it may lead to an increase in cost and size of the battery. That brings us to the option of reducing power consumption, which can be done by prolonging the standby time and shortening the time of the active cycle.

In addition, you can turn off the WiFi on the iPod when not in use as it consumes a large amount of life. All these techniques of low power consumption can improve battery life effectively.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Magnetic Energy Generators

From ancient times, individuals have depended on fossil fuels for their energy requirements. Coal was the most utilized source of power. Gradually the dominance of coal gave way to petroleum. Control from the oil resources has played a most important role in globe economic climate and politics. Nonetheless, each of these fuels are finite. But long ago, they actually become exhausted, their extraction will turn into pretty highly-priced. At that time they will no longer be reasonably priced for the common man. So there is an urgent demand for alternative energy sources. Magnetic energy might prove to be such a source.

One with the newest technologies to equip properties with their own method of generation of electricity would be to install a magnetic energy generator. Here the force of attraction and repulsion among a variety of magnets are used to generate electricity. The Larger the size of the magnets, the greater will be the quantity of electrical energy generated. The generator is self powered and can operate nearly indefinitely.

Magnetic energy generators have several advantages:
  • It is environmentally friendly. There is certainly no pollution of any type along with the surrounding remains clean and no by products are created in the type of damaging wastes.
  • These generators use renewable source of power. Here the energy comes from the interaction of magnetic fields within the generator. So it can operate almost indefinitely till such time one in the magnets is physically removed from the machine.
  • The energy generated by the machine is initial used to power itself so there is certainly no need to guard against sudden cut offs.
  • The greatest benefit of magnetic energy generators over other non conventional sources of power like wind and solar power is the fact that they can function under any circumstances. There is certainly no need for such external aspects like vibrant sunshine or high speed wind. So it can function in an uninterrupted fashion, day and night, regardless with the prevailing climate conditions.
  • Since this machine utilizes magnetic energy as its fuel there is certainly no fuel expense or fuel tax.
  • Users can entirely convert to this form of energy and become independent in the utility corporations. Having said that this can be a very latest technology. It isn't yet used because the sole source of power. But its use is gradually becoming popular. In several places these machines are getting utilized as an auxiliary source of power.
  • Contemporary magnetic power generators are small and fit properly in any component from the home. Even so one can install a big generator. The excess energy is usually stored or may be sold towards the utility providers.
  • The machines themselves need quite small maintenance.
  • These generators are the most effective alternative for houses located in remote areas where access to bright sunshine or high speed wind just isn't uninterrupted.
  • The machines are fairly simple to install and maintain. It could be carried out by the owner himself making use of effortlessly available material from the hardware shop.
  • These machines are secure, smaller, handy and cost saving.
The vast range of environmental and economic benefits is likely to produce these 'free power machines' the choice of future dwelling owners. As fossil fuels approach extinction this alternative is likely to acquire a lot recognition.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Solar Panels for Home Use

As home solar power systems have gotten well-known, you will need to have knowledge about ways to build a solar panel. Solar panels consist of solar cells that are arranged within a series circuit.

When you are one of those people that are frustrated due to the high bills of electricity than this piece of information and facts is for you. The very best option that has been found and introduced within the industry against the usually powerhouses is named the home solar power system. This system utilizes the sunlight to generate electricity. This powerhouse is now well-known among the household individuals simply because it is actually really economical and simple to preserve. Moreover, it's a one-time investment, which saves you from paying high electricity bills. The project can become more cost efficient if the strategy on how to build a solar panel is recognized.

To understand the procedure of generating a solar panel, it truly is vital to have an idea about the operations of a solar panel. A solar panel is the name given to a series of connected solar cells. These cells are also named the photovoltaic cells. In a solar power system, several solar panels are made use of for the generation of electricity. As such, the single solar panel doesn't generate enough electricity in order to satisfy the requirements of a residence. Solar panels are utilized to convert the photon power from the sunlight into electricity via the method of photovoltaic impact. The cells or solar panels are connected electrically with each other to make a complete solar power.

The solar powerhouse becomes very reasonable and cost effective, should the individual opts to create a solar panel. To develop a solar panel, the very first factor is usually to find the reason of its construction. The quantity of electricity that could be required by the household will identify how many the solar panels in a solar powerhouse. Now, following realizing the cause to construct a solar panel, the next step is usually to collect some equipment from the hardware shop. The factors which are significant in building a solar panel are solar cells, wood plate, soldering iron, solder and tabbing.

Apart from the above-mentioned items the other points that may be required are Plexiglas, solar cells, screws, lumber, Jones plug, wire, diode and caulk silicon material. To create this project even more cost efficient, it really is recommended to utilize the old and blemished solar cells which are quickly accessible on world-wide-web sites. To generate 18 volt current the number of solar cells required are going to be 36. These cells need to be connected in a series to construct a solar panel. Each solar cell has the capacity of producing pretty much half Volt of present. Moreover, if the requirement for current is bigger than a bigger size, solar cell really should be employed to develop a solar panel.

Having said that, it really is suggested that though creating a solar panel at household the individual should start off from a small solar panel, as they are lighter in weight and simple to manage. After, acquiring the solar cells together the subsequent step is usually to connect them. As a commercial solar panel is constructed in a shallow box, it can be rather efficient if an individual builds a shallow box for homemade solar cells. The fixation of Masonite-peg board in the shallow box may be the second step in creating a solar panel. It is important to protect your solar panel from weather effects, so it's advised to cover the box having a Plexiglas sheet. Following all this setup, the last and most important step would be to fix the solar cells inside the wooden box.

Despite the fact that, tips on how to build a solar panel seems quite complicated in theory, but once you start off making it steps by step it becomes easy. In addition, DIY solar power systems are rather low-cost and are based on the certain requirement of the household.

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